Munch is Dead

by Big Fat Japan

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released July 24, 2010

Recorded by Adam Tatro at Mainstay Audio Recording,
Whitmore Lake, MI on June 26th, 2010.



all rights reserved


Big Fat Japan Bowling Green, Ohio

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Track Name: Munch is Dead
softer than soap, brighter than mercury. shards and yards
of glass parade your face. moon by moon, help is fiction.
i'm an authoritative author on this. what's the last thing you said to fallon? what's the last thing you said to corey?what's the last thing you said to ducey? what's the last thing you said to josh? i'm sure it's not what you'll say to me.
Track Name: Lightning Crow
munch rises and strips the dusk from his eyes. remembers howhis head bloomed sunset amber. remembers how the skies stomach growled and extended its luminance. a spark! a flash! and he's off to see the wizard. another prank backfires in external flashover. boney knee'd lil' thing. so you think you're gonna eat your way outta the ground? that ain't gonna get you no closer to heaven. clouds block your way. i know because i put them
there, you slug faced girl.
Track Name: Meal Fit for a King (Buffet)
i'm not even sure this is flesh encasing me anymore. just bitter meat past its prime. we have routines to keep, munch, you and i. so shall we feast? there's just a dash of pepper on this stomach salad i've prepared for you. so bon appetit, mon ami. we have routines to keep, munch, you and i. so eat up, and i'll weep with some real fucking joy.
Track Name: Snowman Sleeping Bag
i find solace in watching the snowflakes create a veil on
your face. orchids, petals, and a half crescent moon. every
option weighed against me like an unforeseen birth. coal,
carrots, and a scarf. a winter viking burial led by us, the ghost squad. the curls in your hair will curl no more. it's time to say goodbye my friend.
Track Name: Big Bad Woofs
there's a soft melody in the distance, so i followed it's
majestic tenor. now i'm cheekbone to cheekbone with
malice. i release, and realize everything i was. i had to
break into my own childhood for inspiration on this one.
now i'm chestbone to chestbone with malice. and i release, and realize everything i was. there's nothing left of you to learn. you'll always remain here. always.